H4F Sport, organizer of the Ultracycling Zeroultra test with great regret and regret announces that the test of central Italy has been canceled.
We were at the first experience in organizing a test in the Ultracycling specialty and we approached this event with great enthusiasm, putting all our experience on the field as organizers of cycling competitions.
In June we organized a Gran Fondo with more than a thousand starters and over the years we have collaborated with RCS sport for Giro d’Italia and Tirreno Adriatico.
We have studied a spectacular route touching the areas hit by the 2016 earthquake, the protagonist cities of Francesco’s walk, the most beautiful lakes in central Italy and the suggestive passage under the Marmore waterfall.
But perhaps the lack of experience in the Ultracycler world did not allow us to better communicate what our intentions were.
Probably even the date was not the best.
So we found ourselves at the end of the registration with only 7 registered athletes.
The disappointment and discomfort were great and in our view it was not appropriate to put on an event for only 7 athletes.
The race and the show that this wonderful sport gives us would have been missing and we would not have been able to give all the services we had planned for our athletes.
We are cyclists too, and we can understand the disappointment, to prepare ourselves takes time away from work and family, we make huge sacrifices and we prepare ourselves mentally but then we have to return as organizers and then report to the sponsors, the administrations, the territory and above all to you that you would certainly not have enjoyed yourself in only 7 Ultracycler.
With the hope of hosting you in a big event in 2019, I greet you sportingly.
Paolo Ferri Sporting Director H4F Sport srls.